How To Cancel A Vidanta Timeshare

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Resort developers and timeshare companies such as Vidanta are notorious for their elusive sales pitches that often lead to people buying timeshares out of a desire for owning real estate.

Here’s the ground reality behind it: Timeshares are not exactly real estate. Around 85% of the people who sign up for timeshares don’t have an idea of what to anticipate in terms of hidden costs, annually rising maintenance fees, and technical stalemates that prohibit reselling the timeshare.

A timeshare is a vacation property that’s owned by a group of people collectively and broken up into time. Each party purchases the right to buy time at the property and not the physical property itself.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, several scams are coming to light operating under the guise of timeshares.

With that in mind, if you are wondering how to cancel your Vidanta contract, you don’t have to worry, as we only recommend the top rated timeshare cancellation companies that have a proven track record.

Vidanta Resorts—A Resorts Conglomerate

For more than 45 years, Vidanta Resorts, which also goes by the name Grupo Vidanta, has been a prominent resort developer in Mexico. They’re involved in financing, constructing, and operating resorts, cruises, and hotels. Vidanta, along with Pueblo Bonito garners the most interest out of all the timeshares in Mexico. If you are wanting to cancel your Pueblo Bonito timeshare please read the linked article.

While they do offer exclusive resorts in beautiful locations such as Los Cabos, Mazatlán, and Puerto Penasco, their timeshare contracts come with hidden costs and loopholes that can leave your credit badly damaged.

The Vidanta cancellation policy does not even have a program that lets them buy the timeshare back. Salespeople from Vidanta often lie that Vidanta can repurchase your timeshare just to make you feel comfortable enough to invest your well-earned money. Don’t feel alone though, there are many people wanting to cancel their timeshare in Mexico.

Right now, your best bet for Vidanta timeshare cancellation is to rescind your contract. 

A Pattern of Bullying Sales Tactics

Vidanta has these lucrative presentations where they invite you with a promise of a free tour or amenities based solely on your attendance. From the moment you enter the premise, you’ll discover that the staff is short-tempered and pushy. Then, for the next couple of hours, they’re going to pressure you into buying one of their programs.

To make you feel like you’re winning, they’re going to cut down costs from a high number such as $50,000 to an unbelievably low number like $7,000.

You will get false promises that Vidanta’s going to cut your maintenance fees by half and that you can always resell the timeshare back to Vidanta if you have any doubts or second thoughts, but those are just greasy sales tactics that aren’t legally plausible.

Suppose, you don’t cave in to their tactics, they’re going to bully you into exiting the premises while being extremely curt with you. You only need to google the words “Vidanta” and “scam” to come across hundreds of reviews of angry customers who got ripped off by Vidanta.

If you’ve found yourself at one of their presentations and have bought a timeshare that you need to get out of, we at have a promise for you: It is possible to cancel your timeshare without ruining your credit.

How To Cancel Vidanta Timeshare

Fortunately, we have several options at our disposal.

You can rescind the contract, sell your Vidanta timeshare, give away your Vidanta timeshare, work directly with Vidanta to get released from your timeshare, hire a reputable timeshare exit company to cancel your Vidanta timeshare for you, or try to rent it out. Now for the bad news. The only really viable option of those mentioned is to use a timeshare cancellation company, We have done the leg work for you, and only recommend companies that are highly rated on such sites as the Better Business Bureau.

Get out of Your Vidanta Timeshare

The most convenient option to cancel your Vidanta contract is to rescind it. This is only applicable if you’ve bought the timeshare recently. Rescission laws let you cancel the contract of your timeshare within three to fourteen days after you’ve purchased the timeshare. In Mexico, the rescission period is around three to five days.

To receive a full refund and for Vidanta timeshare cancellation, you need to write them a cancellation letter that details the reasons for your cancelling the timeshare.

Selling Your Vidanta Timeshare

If your timeshare is paid-off, you can always sell it. First, you should find out how marketable the timeshare is. When selling to someone, let them know if you own a points package or weeks in the timeshare. Tell them what sort of weeks you have, and if they’re a prime location and time. For both parties, its crucial to know how much Vidanta charges to transfer the timeshare.

Consult with us to get a realistic assessment of the likelihood of selling your timeshare and what fees are associated with this transfer of ownership.

In many cases, lobbyists such as in the state of Florida have made it harder for timeshare owners to simply transfer their timeshares without any consequences, leaving the owner feel trapped with their timeshare. Fortunately, there is more than one way to cancel your Vidanta timeshare.

Cancellation of Vidanta Timeshares

Even if you’ve passed the rescission date, you can still cancel your contract by hiring the experts in this field. A well-reputed timeshare exit company, for example, is an excellent option to avail. It not only allows you to cancel your timeshare, but it also gives you some legal insights that will help you avoid this sort of scam in the future.  

These contracts bind you legally, we get it. In some cases, this contract might even last a lifetime. But if you take a legal route and trust our team, you can get out of your contract with your credit intact and not be subject to those notorious exit scams that these companies try to pull.

Here are some tips on choosing the right timeshare exit company:

  1. Make sure they are Better Business Bureau accredited.
  2. There aren’t a lot of hefty upfront fees for services.
  3. They have good reviews online.
  4. They have online pricing available.
  5. They provide you with reasonable expectations on the cost and time to cancel your timeshare.

Work Directly with Vidanta

Before you do this, there are two considerations to dealing directly with a company such as Vidanta. First, their foremost obligation is to their shareholders, not you. They want to maximize profits for their shareholders and buying back a timeshare they’ve already sold is not something that they’re willing to do. Secondly, you should always have your lawyer present with you when dealing with a company such as Vidanta.

Remain emotionless as you deal with Vidanta’s representatives, as they’re trained to make you feel upset and prompt you to act irrationally. Whatever you do, don’t take their first offer. They’ll lowball you at first.

Realize the fact that throughout this negotiation, they’re going to try to sell you more. Don’t buy into that.

Keep expressing your concerns and insist that you want your timeshare canceled.

Lastly, always consult with a timeshare exit company  to make sure what the best route is for you.

Avoid Resale Scams

If you’re canceling your timeshare by selling it to a resale company, do your best research to ensure that you’re not getting caught up in an exit scam. A lot of exit companies prey on timeshare owners by making false promises to sell the timeshare for an upfront fee. These companies are just wasting your time and money and creating more problems for you.

The easiest way to spot an exit scam is if a company approaches you and offers to get you out of your Vidanta timeshare for an exorbitant upfront fee. Nine times out of ten, they’re going to disappear with that money.

Simply look them up online. Are they BBB credit? Do they have a physical office? Is it a faceless company akin to a shell corporation? Are they operating outside of your country? If it feels fishy, chances are it’s probably suspicious.

How Do I Get Out of My Vidanta Timeshare Contract in 2022?

If at any point during the buying process you:

  • Felt that you were being aggressively pushed and bullied into buying a timeshare
  • Felt like purchasing the timeshare at their final offer was the only way to avoid losing out on membership perks
  • Were rushed through a speedy closing that didn’t bother to sign a contract
  • Discovered that you were charged with more money than was initially agreed upon

Then it’s likely that you were scammed.

Use one of our recommended timeshare exit companies to get the process started today.